Friday, March 11, 2011

We have been working a lot with my singing bowls this year, with Ashley and the kids, I meditate almost every day, we are focusing in being thankful to nature and the Universe for having the great life we have, we have so much!, we are the richest people on Earth and we are putting all our energy to recognize this.
We say thanks before eating too, I really needed that !! we say:
"Earth who gave to us this food
Sun, who made it ripe and good.
Dearest Earth and dearest Sun
we'll not forget what you have done"
The kids love it!

I also developed a set of guided meditations to work with women in opening the chakras, yesterday I had the first one of 3 consecutive weeks, and it was lovely, I felt so much energy and it was healing for myself too, I could feel the vibration of the bowls moving my body... I hope it helped the 4 great women that came last night, we worked with the root chakra and the sacral chakra focusing our energies in the lower part of our bodies, envisioning roots coming out from our perineum and going deep into Mother earth and giving ad receiving from her. It was so nice!
Each one of us will keep working at home , meditating and releasing blockages until next week to work with the Solar Plexus and the Heart chakras.

Today after watching the news about what happened in Japan, we sat down the 4 of us, (me and the kids) turned on a candle and sent energy to the people on Japan..... I cried like a little girl after seeing the images of the earthquake and tsunami.... maybe it is because I have lived an earthquake , maybe it is because I can't handle death, maybe it is because my country is still trying to recover from the earthquake last year.....
I am so emotional .... everything affects me so much....
The Earth is shaking
Japan, we share your grief .

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