Friday, March 11, 2011

We have been working a lot with my singing bowls this year, with Ashley and the kids, I meditate almost every day, we are focusing in being thankful to nature and the Universe for having the great life we have, we have so much!, we are the richest people on Earth and we are putting all our energy to recognize this.
We say thanks before eating too, I really needed that !! we say:
"Earth who gave to us this food
Sun, who made it ripe and good.
Dearest Earth and dearest Sun
we'll not forget what you have done"
The kids love it!

I also developed a set of guided meditations to work with women in opening the chakras, yesterday I had the first one of 3 consecutive weeks, and it was lovely, I felt so much energy and it was healing for myself too, I could feel the vibration of the bowls moving my body... I hope it helped the 4 great women that came last night, we worked with the root chakra and the sacral chakra focusing our energies in the lower part of our bodies, envisioning roots coming out from our perineum and going deep into Mother earth and giving ad receiving from her. It was so nice!
Each one of us will keep working at home , meditating and releasing blockages until next week to work with the Solar Plexus and the Heart chakras.

Today after watching the news about what happened in Japan, we sat down the 4 of us, (me and the kids) turned on a candle and sent energy to the people on Japan..... I cried like a little girl after seeing the images of the earthquake and tsunami.... maybe it is because I have lived an earthquake , maybe it is because I can't handle death, maybe it is because my country is still trying to recover from the earthquake last year.....
I am so emotional .... everything affects me so much....
The Earth is shaking
Japan, we share your grief .

December, was the last time I wrote here, we had a great month and also in the last day of the year, we went for a nature walk with the kids and Ashley, we talked about our year and try to set up goals for the year to come. My goal was to take the next step in my studies, I want to become a professional herbalist , Ashley said he was just waiting for something, he felt a bit lost, Vincent said he would like to go to school and the 2 little ones didn't care about anything else but trying to get their feet wet in the river. The first day of 2011, after a big night of celebrations in my friend's house, I signed up to a curse to be a professional herbalist, I am so happy and excited!, this course has everything I need right now, I am learning about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda, there is SO much to learn, it is like a whole new way to see life, the different concepts and the different theories are unbelievable!.. it is fascinating, I love it...So I am in the slow process of changing our diet and understanding about our own constitutions, this studies are not just about herbs, it is nutrition, philosophy, anthropology, etc..
In the middle of January a big window open for us, talking with Ashley's aunt and owner of the best Montessori school I know, she told me to start bringing the kids there if we wanted, Vincent always wanted to go to that school but we knew we couldn't afford it, so we thought about it, because for us homeschooling is a big part of our lives now, but also our main focus is into give the freedom to our kids to take their own decisions, to be the architect of their own lives, we want to give them the right to choose what they want to explore and trust them with all our heart...So we decided to let the kids try school for a while, because it is not the public system and this school gives us a lot of the freedom we I am working there now, teaching Spanish and my kids go there just 3 times per week, I love it, love it!.... It is such a small school, the whole elementary classroom is just 30 kids, and Vincent is so happy, the first days he was telling everybody "This is like homeschooling"! so cute... they have a big sofa in the middle of the room, the kids set up their own goals, they are not forced to do anything they don't want, they pick what they want to do during the day, I love the fact that all the kids from 1 to 6 grade are all together because they learn from each other, Vincent really feels empowered by the fact of being with other kids learning together, he loves to go there and we have the best of the 2 worlds now, we are part time homeschoolers, part time schoolers.. it can't get any better...I have seen a big change in Vincent, he wants to work in history at home and science he really wants to learn more now, he got inspired!!. He told me he likes this better than the classes he was taking with other homeschoolers and I asked why and he said the school is more relaxed, that the other classes were too serious... it got me thinking.
And I am really proud of Vincent for wanting to give this a try, and for talking to us and telling us what he needed, I think it is great that he REALLY wanted to try it... he wanted to feel how it's like to go to school, so I don't have to fight anyone about getting dressed , he is in charge! and he is not forced to do anything, I don't ask him to do his homework, or anything, if he needs some help I am here, until now he has been super responsible.... I am so proud.
I am there 3 days a week and I am all the time with Luciano and Josefa, because I work in the 3-6 room, so nothing has really changed for the little ones, we are together all the time , and they really like to go play there.
So here I am now, working and studying and trying to survive to all the work I have to do...but it is worth it, the kids are having a great balance between school and home...
Big changes for this family this year, Ashley changed his job too... we were struggling for a while and like I said he was a bit lost but with faith something would come, and it did... he was offered a good job for his uncles company and he is super excited about it. I am proud of him for being open minded and do what he has to do to help the whole family.
I love him so much!
So here we go 2011.... a whole new year and a lots of challenges . Let's see what will happen next.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I haven't kept a record of our lives in the last time.... I have been so busy... so happy, so chaotic, so selfish....
The kids are great.. as always growing and learning every day ... after my last log feeling so overwhelmed by life in general...I understood that I have to keep growing in what I love and don't feel so overwhelmed by the house not being "clean".... I have to accept myself with my own limitations... and let's face it... cleaning and organizing is not my strength... I would LOVE to be like those mamas with perfect homeshooling blogs... so organized, with "workboxes systems" and schedules and routines guided by classic music and candles....but my life is far away of being like that.... we are messy and loud !!!... but some how I see how kids bring peace inside and even if they are not growing surrounded by wooden toys, calming colors and fairy tales...they find and share peace and love so easily....
My kids are awesome!!... loud... crazy some times... but awesome! compassionate other kids and nature.... the last month I have been focusing in growing in my knowledge of herbal medicine.. I love this so much... and I really needed to feel that I was "really focusing" on this..I have been reading, I am taking two online courses , making more herbal medicines, creating new herbal blends.. I am working in 2 herbal consultations....and I prepared an herbal class to house is FULL with jars and jars with herbs and concoctions.....The kids are so interested in what I am doing that somehow I see how they are learning what herbs to use in different situations and what are the flavors of different herbs, etc It is so sweet simple. And now I have charged batteries and a heart full of good ideas for my kids and myself.... so funny... I though I needed a vacation, but what I needed was to focus on myself for a bit....Vincent has been asking to do meditations with me and reiki... so I'm thinking about growing in that with him too...

Today is Dec 9th and we just set up our $10 Christmas tree... I had no "Christmas spirit" until today... and seriously this tree is so ugly!!... but we took it out of the attic and the kids "jumped" with joy and to decorate it.. Oh dear! they are so sweet!... the did it ALL by themselves, even the lights... we have the cheapest thing.... I have like 5 decoration for inside of the house , (also from goodwill) and that's after observing this wonderful kids being so happy with so little, I got inspired to have a weekend of "bringing the Christmas spirit home" haha!.. I just presented an herbal class yesterday , so my mind can go back to my normal state.... ah! I am tired... getting a cold... but I'm so excited of staying at home for the weekend , making cookies, ginger bread, decorations , etc, etc....
Let's see what happens .. for now... to sleep!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I have been struggling a lot lately ..... I need to get organized...( against my disorganized nature.).. Our days are mostly guided buy our meals... but it seems that everything was easier last year when we didn't participate in the "classes" my kids are taking this year...somehow, our week is full... and there is not much time for "home" like before....this past "school " year was so "natural"..I cooked (alone or together) and then we cleaned and then did reading or activities.... but somehow now I feel I am "on the go"... or to classes , or to play dates, and cooking and cleaning and there is NO END..... etc.....and the house is still a mess....How to get more organized??......I have no idea.
I need a professional organizer.............................or maybe I'm just PMS'ing...because the kids are having a blast this fall!!!!!

I decided today that I need more inner work... I need to meditate more...use my singing bowls...Yesterday Vinchi was totally losing control of himself... he was acting totally off and nervous... and we decided that maybe we should do some Reiki to each other... and after we did it, he hugged me and he was totally better!...... he was calmed, and he even started practicing his guitar.....So beautiful...And today he asked me to do it again....
I will keep making my herbal products but mostly to save money to finish my "studio". or "la casita"... and have my own space to go to balance and recharge some energies...

I just need $600 !!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Environmental Learning Center

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Last week we had a great day at the Environmental Learning Center .. we were there for hours and the kids were just so inspired and happy, it was a beautiful fall day, sunny, and warm.... just perfect! ...It was also so healing and empowering to be surrounded by the trees of this forest preserve.
We had 2 guides that helped the kids to recognized different animals tracks and signs, so we were walking and trying to find signs of animals and also identifying what kind of animals left what "evidence" behind. How nice to see the kids so interested in poo and trying to find out what animal left it there, and what kind of food that animal eats... etc..
Vincent even found a turtle shell!! and after the hike they had a nice presentation about "producers, consumers and decomposer" and the kids run though the forest with magnifying glasses finding different kinds of decomposer.
I thought it was great for the kids to understand those biological concepts, and in such a fun way!


La semana pasada tuvimos un dia precioso en el Centro de aprendizaje ambiental, pasamos ahi horas dentro de estos bosques rodeados de una belleza natural que me llenaba el espiritu. El dia fue perfecto, soleado y caliente....
Teniamos dos guias que ayudaron a los ninos a reconocer distintos tipos de hueyas de animales, asi que caminamos por el bosque y los ninos estaban totalmente involucrados en reconocer los distintos tipos de hueyas y que podiamos aprender sobre los animales atraves de su excremento o el porte de las patas, sus casas etc..
Vincent incluso encontro una concha de tortuga! y despues de la caminata los guias tenian una clase de biologia sobre organismos productores, consumidores y descomponedores
y los ninos corrieron por el bosque con lupas buscando distintos tipos de descomponedores.
Me encanto ver como los ninos entendieron tan facilmente la diferencia de estos organismos y de una manera tan entretenida!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sailboat adventure!!

(click in the image to go to the album)

So, finally, after two years reading books about boats, carving boats, and making sailboats out of anything available, (including sticks, leaves, bottles, pieces of wood, etc) Vincent had one of those days I know he will not forget...My husband brought home a beautiful sailboat !! Vincent couldn't believe it...his happiness was bigger than his body, ah! what a beautiful moment!!, (specially for me that I knew Ashley didn't spend money on it, but he got it as payment for a job that he made.:0)

So then we had the problem...Ashley and I, well... we had no idea what to do with this sailboat!.. we never did sail a boat before, so we were pretty scared about taking the boat with the kids.... but last Sunday, we took kids and boat for the adventure..
So of course Vincent after all this time in studies of boats, and Ashley being so smart as he is.. both of them had the opportunity of being the first ones trying the boat... or better said... the opportunity to try to do something with this boat and come back save to shore... And they took the boat in the water while I looked at them from shore with a huge smile..I'm pretty sure Vincent felt something similar at what Columbus felt while sailing to the unknown.. but what a smile he had!!!...And then everything was so much fun, Vincent literally thought was the "Capitan" , and was yelling to us, "pull that rope!!", "move this way!", etc, etc.. it was just so funny...
I'm so glad and grateful to see my kids do what they love.........


Finalmente, despues de dos anos de ver a Vincent tallando y construyendo botes con cualquier cosa disponible, (como palitos, botellas, tapas, plasticos, hojas, etc,etc), Vincent tuvo uno de esos dias que se, no olvidara. Ashley llego del trabajo con un velero!!! Pobre Vincent no podia creerlo! no cabia en su cuerpo de tanta felicidad...Que cosa mas bella poder verlo asi...( lo bueno es que Ashley no pago por este velero, sino que se lo dieron como parte de pago por un trabajo que hizo)

Pero depsues nos enfrentamos al problema de que ni Ashley ni yo, tenemos ninguna experiencia o en armar o navegar veleros!, asi que estabamos medios asustados de salir a "navegar" con los ninos...Pero bueno.. el Domingo pasado nos atrevimos y partimos con velero y ninos a una aventura...

Por suerte que teniamos a Vincent , que alguna idea tenia despues de todo este tiempo viendo libros de botes y teniamos a Ashley (siendo tan inteligente como es el... )... asi que los dos fueron los elegidos para salir en el primer intento de nevegar...O mejor dicho... tratar de hacer algo con este velero y volver sanos y salvos a la orilla..
Por suerte todo resulto bien.. no tuvimos heridos y el velero no se dio vuelta..Yo los miraba desde la orilla y no podia parar de pensar que estaria pasando por la cabecita de mi Vinchi...seguro que estaba tan asustado y emocionado como Colon cuando navego hacia lo desconocido...Y Vinchi definitivamente penso que era el "Capitan" del velero.... nos gritaba todo el tiempo "Suelta esa cuerda!!", "Muevete para alla!!" " Cuidado con esa vela!, suelta la vela!, etc, etc...fue tan divertido.... Yo fui una vez con ellos y era un chiste!

Que feliz me siento de poder ser participe de estos momentos inolvidables en la vida de mis hijos... que rico verlos haciendo cosas que los apasionan, no hay nada mas bello que ver a alguien apasionado por algo.... no es verdad?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Finally I feel I have time to sit down and process all this ideas and experiences we have been gathering during the last month. We did go to New Mexico and it was spectacular!. The road trip was hard on the little ones, it took us 3 days to get there, but once we got there everything was just so nice...I was learning so much in this Herbal conference, I met great people, the teachers were so nice, so down to earth, the classes were so informative too, but there was not too much time to process in those days, I had full days of learning, I was exhausted walking in this hills from one class to another with a broken toe, and coming back to the camping so tired to just eat , and be with the kids and Ashley. And they had the best time!, enjoying the grandparents, going on walks, exploring... Vincent felt he was "Vincent v/s Wild" like the guy in the show in Discovery Channel.. he wanted to do everything!!, be on charge of the fire, cook, lead the walks...
Coming back to IL, my MIL left to Chile and I had to get back on my routine and start getting ready for a talk about herbalism to a group of people... and that class happened yesterday and it was great!!,I felt so good sharing my passion....I love what I do, working with plants and homeschooling my kids. I feel so grounded now. A couple of years ago I lived so much in my head.. that is one of the biggest presents plants give me everyday... they keep me literally "grounded"..


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