Sunday, October 10, 2010

Finally I feel I have time to sit down and process all this ideas and experiences we have been gathering during the last month. We did go to New Mexico and it was spectacular!. The road trip was hard on the little ones, it took us 3 days to get there, but once we got there everything was just so nice...I was learning so much in this Herbal conference, I met great people, the teachers were so nice, so down to earth, the classes were so informative too, but there was not too much time to process in those days, I had full days of learning, I was exhausted walking in this hills from one class to another with a broken toe, and coming back to the camping so tired to just eat , and be with the kids and Ashley. And they had the best time!, enjoying the grandparents, going on walks, exploring... Vincent felt he was "Vincent v/s Wild" like the guy in the show in Discovery Channel.. he wanted to do everything!!, be on charge of the fire, cook, lead the walks...
Coming back to IL, my MIL left to Chile and I had to get back on my routine and start getting ready for a talk about herbalism to a group of people... and that class happened yesterday and it was great!!,I felt so good sharing my passion....I love what I do, working with plants and homeschooling my kids. I feel so grounded now. A couple of years ago I lived so much in my head.. that is one of the biggest presents plants give me everyday... they keep me literally "grounded"..

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